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A new solidarity house project is emerging in Cologne: housing, daycare and culture. Are you part of it?

Have you already heard? This summer, the city of Cologne is awarding a square courtyard in Müngersdorf in a conceptual process. The group “Machbarschaft Petershof” has applied for the yard. I’m excited about the initiative and think you might find it exciting too!

What is it about:

- 50-60 people should be able to live together instead of next to each other in a wide variety of living arrangements. The project does not take part in the rent madness and guarantees affordable housing.

- The project includes a daycare center where children grow up together in four groups.

- The courtyard offers space for rehearsal rooms, studios, an open workshop, a cooperatively run organic supermarket, small offices and event and seminar rooms.

- Petershof is a project of social-ecological transformation. We say goodbye to the internal combustion engine, to the waste of drinking water and to coal-fired power generation. Ciao not-so-belli!

The group can only achieve all this with the help of many supporters. Are you part of it?  

By having as many people as possible pledge a direct loan to the initiative, we will jointly raise the necessary equity capital so that the group can take out a bank loan. 

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