Together we open the gates of the Petershof

The monument-protected Petershof from 1896 rests in the heart of Cologne-Müngersdorf and inspires with its beautiful clinker brick buildings and an impressive tree population. Since 2015, the square courtyard has been empty and waiting to become the new social center in the neighborhood.

We would like to make the Petershof a place…

where many generations live communally and affordably.

We plan a place to live where people of different ages are there for each other. A home where we live in solidarity and together instead of singly. We want to create affordable housing that enables participation regardless of privilege.

where small people grow up and big ideas become reality.

A four-stream daycare center is to be built in the Petershof, which will offer children space to discover and try things out. We want art and culture to find a place in the Petershof, as well as small sustainable businesses and civic initiatives. The new Petershof will invite people to advance ecological and social change beyond profit interests.

whose doors are open to our neighbors and the whole neighborhood.

Müngersdorf is getting a new meeting place in well-known buildings. We want to create a space where people can bring their ideas together and implement them together – framed by the four sides of the courtyard. Together with all those involved, we would like to preserve the old Petershof and simultaneously plan something new.